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Car number 77, a Porsche 356B Carrera driven by Bruce Jennings, leads car number 18, a TVR Grantura Series III co-driven by Tom Outcault and Robert Seaman, car number 5, an Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super co-driven by Harry Theodoracopulos and Filippo Theodoli, and car number 3, an Abarth-Simca 1300 Bialbero co-driven by Tom Fleming, Otto Linton and Ray Heppenstall, in the Bridgehampton 500 Grand Touring race on September 14, 1963.  Car number 77 finished ninth, car number 18 finished seventeenth, car number 5 finished sixteenth and car number 3 finished fifteenth.

Bridgehampton Double 500 Grand Touring

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