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  • Dale Van Johnson

    Dale Van Johnson

    Dale Van Johnson, car number 5, hits the outer guard rail in the first turn of the 1st quqlifying lap at the Hoosier 100

  • Earl Matter

    Earl Matter

    Earl Matter, car number 26, spins during the first turn of the first lap

  • Hoosier 100

    Hoosier 100

    Field ceremony across the line as the pace car pulls off

  • Hoosier 100

    Hoosier 100

    Dale Van Johnson's, car number 5, being towed after crashing into the outer guard railwhile qualifying for the Hoosier 100. He was not hurt, but the Cahpman Special was badly damage.

  • Jim Rathmann

    Jim Rathmann

    Jim Rathmann's car number 78 spins and hits the outside guard rail on the 26th lap. He was not hurt

  • Jimmy Bryan

    Jimmy Bryan

    Jimmy Bryan, winner of the Hoosier 100 Lap Race

  • Jimmy Ryan

    Jimmy Ryan

    Clint Browner, chief mechanic holds up the Perfect Circle Award won by Jimmy Bryan.

  • Jimmy Ryan

    Jimmy Ryan

    Jimmy Bryan holding the silver set he received after winning the Hoosier 100. Chief mechanic, Clint Browner holds the driving jacket

  • Jimmy Ryan and Clint Browner

    Jimmy Ryan and Clint Browner

    Jimmy Bryan, car number 2, and chief mechanic, Clint Brwoner being interviewed after winning the Hoosier 100 Lap Race.

  • Johnny Thomson

    Johnny Thomson

    Johnny Thompson, car number 45 spins and hit the inside guard rail duirng the 21st lap. He was not hurt

  • Tony Bettenhausen

    Tony Bettenhausen

    Tony Bettenhausen's car number 44 hit the outside guard rail in the 1st turn of the fourth lap. He was not hhurt