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  • French Grand Prix

    French Grand Prix

    Pit scene, Car Number 1, a Delage Type DH, René Thomas, driver (hat, suit, canes, standing), owned at the time by British owner/driver Jonty Williamson.

  • Indianapolis 500

    Indianapolis 500

    Copy of an image featuring cars on the grid, including Rene Thomas in car number 31, a Ballot, Howdy Wilcox in car number 3, a Peugeot, and Albert Guyot in car number 32, a Ballot.

  • Rene Thomas

    Rene Thomas

    Copy of an image of René Thomas and unidentified person in car number 139, a Delage.

  • René Thomas

    René Thomas

    Copy of an image of René Thomas in car number 25, a Ballot.

  • Rene Thomas

    Rene Thomas

    Rene Thomas in Number 31 Ballott with 296 Cubic Inch 8-Cylinder engine. Starting on the Pole Position, Finished 11th