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  • Can-Am Road America

    Can-Am Road America

    Number 16 George Follmer in his Lola T70. Tyler Alexander (back to the camera) is next to number 4 Bruce McLaren. Stirling Moss is looking at Mr. McLaren, and standing between the number 4 and number 5 cars.

  • Chevron Grand Prix Bridgehampton Can-Am

    Chevron Grand Prix Bridgehampton Can-Am

    Stirling Moss is on the far left. Driver John Surtees is on the far right in a driver's suit.

  • Goodwood Easter Monday

    Goodwood Easter Monday

    Drivers at Madgwick corner. Innes Ireland drives car number 8, a UDT-Laystall team Lotus 18/21. Stirling Moss drives car number 7, Rob Walker's UDT-Laystall-entered Lotus-Climax 18/21 V8 hybrid. John Surtees drives car number 5, a Bowmaker Lola-Climax Mark 4.