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  • BARC Aintree 200

    BARC Aintree 200

    Track action scene, right to left: Car Number 47, a Lotus 20, Bob Anderson, driver (helmet, seated), Car Number 57, a Cooper T56, Tony Maggs, driver (helmet, seated), Car Number 64, a Kieft FJ, Bill Moss, driver (helmet, seated).

  • Bill Anderson

    Bill Anderson

    Bill Anderson in car number 46.

  • Bill Anderson
  • Carrell Speedway
  • IMSA International Sedan Talladega

    IMSA International Sedan Talladega

    Anthony Milne drives car number 64, an Austin Mini, followed by Gaston Andrey in car number 25, an Alfa Romeo. Car number 10, an Austin Mini driven by R. L. Anderson, is parked off track in the background.

  • Oakland Speedway

    Oakland Speedway

    cockpit shot, big cars