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  • British Grand Prix Silverstone

    British Grand Prix Silverstone

    Formule Libre supporting race. Car number 16, Fred Tuck, 1.5-litre supercharged Maserati 4CL chassis 1567 and car number 8, Alastair Birrell, 1.5-litre supercharged ERA A-Type chassis R1A.

  • Land Speed Record Attempt

    Land Speed Record Attempt

    Team with the MG EX135 Record Car at Goldie Gardner's record attempt at Dessau. During the attempt, the car became the first 1100cc car to break 200 mph, setting International Class G and Class F records. Behind the car, from left to right, Lagonda PR Alan Bicknell, Leslie Kesterton of SU, Johnny Lurani, Goldie Gardner, Jacko Jackson, Syd Enever, Dunlop representative, Nation journalist, John Dugdale, Chris Shorrock, and MG publicity director George Tuck.