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  • Dutch Grand Prix

    Dutch Grand Prix

    Track action scene, right to left: Car Number 10, a March 761, Ronnie Peterson, driver (helmet, seated), Car Number 28, a Penske PC4, John Watson, driver (helmet, seated), (Car Number 11), a McLaren M23, James Hunt, driver (helmet, seated), (Car Number 5), a Lotus 77, Mario Andretti, driver (helmet, seated), Car Number 16, a Shadow DN8, Tom Pryce, driver (helmet, seated).

  • Goodwood Easter Monday
  • Goodwood Tourist Trophy

    Goodwood Tourist Trophy

    Race start, Car number 24, Bruce McLaren and Syd H. Jensen in John Coombs's Lotus-Climax 15, car number 6, Duncan Hamilton and Peter Blond Jaguar D-Type, car number 41, Alan Stacey and Keith Hall works Lotus-Climax Eleven, car number 46, Mike Taylor and Keith Greene in Gilby Engineering Lotus-Climax Eleven.