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  • 24 Hours of Le Mans

    24 Hours of Le Mans

    Peter Wilson and Jim Mayers car 35 (left), a Bristol 450. Umberto Maglioli and Paolo Marzotto car 3, a Ferrari 375 Plus.

  • Monza Grand Prix

    Monza Grand Prix

    Track action scene, left to right: Car Number 4, a Maserati A6GCM, Gino Bianco, driver (goggles, helmet, seated), Car Number 48, a Ferrari 125, Peter Walker, driver (helmet, seated), (Car Number 54), a Frazer Nash, Ken Wharton, driver (goggles, helmet, seated).

  • Snetterton International

    Snetterton International

    Track action scene, right to left: Car Number 21, a BRM T15 Mk.2, Ron Flockhart, driver (helmet, seated), Car Number 8, a Cooper T23, Bob Gerard, driver (helmet, seated), Car Number 33, the Ferrari 375 "Thin Wall Special", Peter Collins, driver (helmet, seated).